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Gone Lawn 26
Autumn, 2017

New Works

Vaishali Paliwal



We had landed at Zeid. Silver like sand shined through the new horizon as far as we could see. Entire piece seemed sparkling white with trees like structures of stars like light. Behind our backs were volcanic red skies quickly changing to violets and indigos. Every now and then they thundered with fusions unknown to us. One black water body cut through the circumference of this lump of a land. From it rose ominous red plant-like things tangled in each other. There were no breathing creatures. But there were sculptures placed everywhere. They seemed to be rooted but it was too early to say. There were no natives to welcome us yet.

We were products of the Experiment. Goal we were told was to achieve permanent creativity flow states with eventual mission of exponential growth of literary geniuses. With positive results in the pale blue dot, we were being sent to Zied for tests in drastically different environments. Focus here was on understanding further one of the main triggers to enter the flow state: rich environment embodied with unfamiliarity and complications but more so with unfathomable grandness and beauty. By this time we had mastered triggers like focus and risk taking but there was scope to exploit environments further.

Once in flow states, we had been successful in creating many new languages of spoken and written word birthed by imagination and expression untouched by prior conditioning and corruption of the writing world before us. This world before us had long gone because of its inability to sustain the word anymore with every composition read, written and felt over and over again. The Experiment was launched not just to revive the word but enter a new age of literature. One which would allow readers and writers a sensational experience introducing feelings and perceptions way past or ever known to Super humans III. But really this whole expedition was to increase chances of the species for its further quests on cosmos by understanding and sensing all the emotions seeded across various universes.

Assignment at Zeid started with exploring it in groups of three and our eagle.


We are Zeid. We are the Creators IV. We are the pen of selected cosmic artists who first created the Environment. Their vision is us and what we are in the now. We are the environment. Our goal is clear. We are to continue enhancing the Environment to attract artists across the space. We are not interested in the artist or their resulting art but the interaction of the artist with the Environment. With these observations we target to build one super Environment, one no species and planet can resist. With this Zeid expansion continues. Zeid is not one place or cluster or form. It flows beyond all that is.

Our Environment is not from dreams or products of the universe as we know it. Nor is it a futuristic scape. It never repeats itself anywhere, it does not have symmetries, it does not have a history. It origins from everything and nothing. It ends with everything and nothing. It is always new, always complex, always magnificently shocking. In all forms it stays uncorrupted by flaws and weaknesses of beings. We have built it from our concentrated sensation of the moment, a technology no breed could ever grasp. With unflagging attention, we have meditated on the Environment to create the Environment. The technology is a known secret to the population of the cosmos yet their untamed minds have never let them win. This is how we have continued to defeat our spatial competitors.

We targeted super humans as our first subjects. It was easy to attract them to Zeid as their new playground. They were desperate to find new surroundings to enhance their creativity by entering something called a flow state as they liked to put it. It is never easy to know their inherent intentions but they were the right ones to begin with. Their extreme restlessness and craving will give rise to scenarios not expected and assumed when they engage with Zeid. This will increase our data and further understanding on improving our technology for the super Environment.

Zeid is everywhere to observe their movement. We are always ahead of them as expected. We have not understood the eagle yet.

The Circle

I am the design. This time I am the artificially induced artist chasing new environments for producing art which will explode the design I am to begin again. I am also the holy environment engaging with the artist to escalate her creativity for her to write me again. I am also the creator who creates this environment to capture the moment when the artist entwines with the environment. I am the eagle in all that is.

The flow state and trigger mentioned in this story are based on Steven Kotler's, Director of the 'Flow genome project', studies.

Vaishali Paliwal is an artist working on finding an expression to 'the ultimate experiment'. Sometimes she does this with words. She aspires to build, break and rebuild all that art is to her. Currently she resides in Los Angeles where she learns to dance Kathak and write poetry and stories from her other worlds. Some of her recent published writing is in Eunoia Review and Thirty West Publishing House. You can reach her at paliwalvaishali@gmail.com